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The Island in the Sky

The International Day of Biological Diversity 22nd May and World Environment Day 5th June, along with other important days on environment and climate, are sole reminders of our deep sutured wounds, sustained through our broken relationships with nature. And the urgent need to repair these relationships.  WESM is working to reconcile community needs, and their …

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Mulanje Wildlife Clubs Hike

Students tour the experimental cedar plots on Chambe plateau. Students from Nansato and Nkanda wildlife clubs hiked to Chambe Hut on Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve. The objective of the initiative was to nurture a sense of responsibility in students as future leaders, towards environmental management and protection. To emphasize the effects of climate change and …

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Competitions Outreach and Public Awareness Campaigns   

Well planned and targeted football and netball tournaments are reliable platforms used to encourage positive behavior changes in specific targeted communities for environ- mental conservation. Random surveys are usually conducted during these activities to establish awareness level of awareness.

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Commemoration of Special Days World Water Day  

Commemoration of special days on environment on mainstream media has been one of the biggest and effective tools used to generate enthusiasm and promote popular participation of environmental management and increase public awareness, knowledge and under- standing on different environmental related issues among various target group.  The use of single idea messages is mostly attractive …

student receives a prize outdoors

Environmental Talk and Quiz

Environmental Education talks and quizzes are done to impart students with knowledge and skill for solving environmental problems.  Students had a chance to win note books and writing materials. The objective of the hikes is to emphasize the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss crises, and the need for urgent appropriate action to solve …