WESM and WUSC through the club’s coordinator and Paul WUSC volunteer organized a capacity building training to Matrons and Patrons here in referred to as Pa/Matron of Wildlife or Environmental clubs in schools of around Chioko Zone. The capacity building training was organized to impart skills and knowledge on handling the club members, making/ keeping the club vibrant with different activities and the benefits that comes along with the activeness of the club.
Being recognized by institution, former club members and also biography of Patron/Matron in environmental. It also worked as a platform for club pa/matrons to meet and interact personally. The Pa/Matrons were advised to depend/ support on each other for club activity i.e. learning visits.
The training was also of importance to WESM hence met and interacted with different school Patrons/Matrons at once, encouraged them to register their club with WESM & DNPW – benefits that attached to/ that come with registration. Then we created a social media forum where all patrons/matrons for the zone will be added for easy communication between themselves and with WESM office through Clubs Coordinator.

Paul presented on capacity strengthening for wildlife and environmental biodiversity which was aimed at equipping skills and knowledge to Pa/Matrons of handling wildlife and environmental club activities. It was of importance to all individuals also for boosting their knowledge in wildlife and environmental biodiversity leading to conservation and health ecosystem.

Everson, the Clubs Coordinator also presented on how to run clubs in general, but the focus was on wildlife or environmental clubs. There are a number of factors in running a club which were covered during the session but much emphasis was on club constitution that each club should have a constitution with but not limited to the following contents: Purpose and objectives of the club, Executive members with fixed term of service, Membership, Days and time of meetings and General meetings, List of activities per fixed period of service (fundraising, wildlife and environmental conservation, quiz and competition, exercise and games activities) and many other activities to keep the club active.