The Island in the Sky

a green mountainside

The International Day of Biological Diversity 22nd May and World Environment Day 5th June, along with other important days on environment and climate, are sole reminders of our deep sutured wounds, sustained through our broken relationships with nature. And the urgent need to repair these relationships.

 WESM is working to reconcile community needs, and their relationship with Mount Mulanje biosphere reserve. Popularly called Mulanje Massif or The Island In The Sky, Mount Mulanje biosphere reserve is a biodiversity conservation site of national and global significance, as it is the sole global habitat for over 250 endemic plant and animal species. These species are only found on Mount Mulanje, and gives the mountain the highest terrestrial endemic biodiversity in Malawi. As such, it is recognized as a Global Biosphere Reserve, a Key Biodiversity Area (Priority One), an Alliance for Zero Extinction Site, an Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot, an Important Bird Area, a Centre of Plant Diversity and locally gazetted as a Forest Reserve. 

Currently, the Government of Malawi is undertaking the necessary documentation for submission to UNESCO, for reconsideration of the listing of Mount Mulanje as a World Heritage Site based on its outstanding universal value as an intangible cultural landscape. The submission reflects the Malawi Government’s commitment to list Mount Mulanje to ultimate global recognition for international conservation status.

Did You Know? Mulanje Mountain is also Known As “The Island in the sky” with the height of 3000m and 65km from Blantyre. The mountain is covered with several varieties of vegetation with a unique tree known as Mulanje Ceder.