Capacity Building For Rangers

WESM is offering a series of “Ranger Workshops” in partnership with DNPW Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary to build capacity in wildlife and ecological interpretation in order to enhance engagement between rangers and visitors to the Sanctuary.

Given that rangers are on “the frontlines” of engagement with the public, the project objective is to empower rangers to be effective conduits for enhancing the environmental awareness of citizens and tourists.

The workshop series is coordinated and taught by WESM’s PC Response volunteer, Ellen Donoghue, PhD. Our first workshop was on Lion Pride Dynamics. Yesterday’s workshop was on Pangolins, which included a presentation from the head of LWT Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Torie Curr Smith. The next workshop is on Hyenas & African Wild Dogs.

Each workshop includes sessions on wildlife ecology & behavior and a practicum in which rangers practice giving talks to visitors.