Craft In The Park Event

For about 20 years, the Lilongwe branch of WESM has presented visual arts exhibitions, connecting artists to buyers and showcasing the finest of Malawi’s artistic talent. 

Since 2019, WESM and Four Seasons Nursery have teamed together to put on a twice-a-year event in Four Seasons beautiful gardens – Art-in-the-Park.

However, it has been observed that crafts were under-represented despite Malawi having some of the most unique and diverse crafts in the SADC region. This led to the idea of having a sister event to Art-in-the-Park solely dedicated to showcase Malawi’s crafts – dubbed Craft-in-the-Park.

The inaugural event had 30 exhibitors involve mostly rural-based artisans from all regions of Malawi, especially women, and including youths, refugees and disabled artisans. A distinguishing feature of Craft-in-the-Park is in the strong commitment towards environmental conservation and stewardship. As such, all our exhibitors are using responsibly sourced materials – softwoods, recycled plastics, scrap metal, agricultural waste and biodegradable materials, rather than forbidden wildlife products, hardwood and single-use plastics.

We aim to achieve the following objectives through Craft In The Park:
1. Promoting Malawi’s crafts
2. Providing exhibitors exposure to local and international markets
3. Creating a platform for motivation and inspiration

The first ever Craft In The part took place at Four Seasons Nursery from the 3rd to the 4th of June and included fun and engaging activities such as workshops and live performances on top of the craft exhibition and sales. More than 500 people attended the event.

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