Prison Nursery School Wildlife Club Visits Lake Chilwa

children listen to a teacher

Environmental Education tours are one of the major activities that WESM Zomba is doing in order to teach Wildlife Clubs to take care of the environment and appreciate nature.

Yesterday, the WESM Zomba branch led Prison Nursery School – Wildlife Club to visit Lake Chilwa. There the Club members appreciated the different wildlife found on and in this Lake such as fish and birds. 

In addition,  Wildlife Club members enjoyed a boat ride. 

Wildlife Club members were excited because for almost all of them, it was their first time to visit Lake Chilwa, as well as riding in a boat. 

San Daniel Nkunga WESM Zomba branch Clubs Coordinator encouraged the Wildlife Clubs to visit Lake Chilwa to learn more and appreciate the natural beauty of this lake. On the trip there were 40 Wildlife Club members plus 4 Club Patrons and 2 Caregivers.