WESM Dwangwa Branch was formed in 1994 and has been active in its mandate of supporting the wise use of wildlife natural resources and environment in Nkhotakota district through either practical projects or Environmental Education awareness. Wildlife and Natural resources are being depleted at an increasing rate resulting in a massive environmental degradation.
The development was worrisome which prompted WESM Dwangwa branch to start an environmental gap analysis and designed interventional measures to address the problem. Top on the agenda was creation of community awareness and support to communities involved. Previously, volunteers who met regularly on behalf of the branch membership to run the organization were managing all work. The executive board, which oversees the running of the branch, is annually voted into office.
During the time, volunteers were in charge of the branch minimal impact was observed. However, the employment of full time professional and dedicated members of staffs twenty years ago saw the work scaling up significantly. For example in June 2001 there were only 6 wildlife clubs in the district while after employing the Clubs Coordinator in July outputs started scaling up to the extent that by December 2002 there were over 140 wildlife and Environmental clubs in the entire district. The beauty with professional and experienced staff is their hands on experience on CBNRM’s. Their several years in environmental issues make them better placed in designing, mobilizing and facilitating community based project activities in collaboration with District Council and other key stakeholders. The branch has gained a lot of experiences in project management and has a capacity to manage any project size.
Since its inception, WESM Dwangwa branch had received funding from various donors like Ethanol Company Limited, Illovo, Dwangwa Lions Club, DANIDA, MEET, Mwai Cane Cutting Contractors, COMPASS, WWF, USAID, Water Aid, Rudolf Foundation for implementation of various environmental projects in Nkhotakota district. Currently on the list of donors is Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and Ruford foundation UK and many more donors.
Dwangwa branch do conduct a number of activities follows:
-environmental talks in schools and communities
– environmental education trips
-Training of wildlife clubs patrons.
– Radio and Tv programs
-Water Sanitation-Drilling and maintaining boreholes
-Forest and tree planting
-Wildlife Conservation
The branch is currently implementing 3 donor funded projects as follows:
1. Water supplies to communities around Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve
2. Giant Bamboo Planting promotion
3. Chia Water Bird Community Management Project(Under management of WESM Secretariat)


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