Balaka WESM Branch is one of the nine branches of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of
Malawi (WESM) which was formed in 2002 by the brain child of Duncan Mapwesera who has
being a long-time member of wildlife from 1994. Duncan had a big vision for Balaka. The branch covers the whole Balaka District council and other districts like part of Mangochi,Ntcheu,Machinga and Neno. The WESM Balaka Branch is one of the nine branches and is run by a functional executive committee which is chaired by a chairperson who sees that WESM policies are implemented effectively.

Balaka WESM Branch office is situated in Balaka Bus Depot in.
Balaka district has 12 education zones namely; Boma, Mponda, Mpilitsi, Chiyendausiku, Maduwani, M’manga, Nkhonde, Ulongwe, Phalula, Kamkawo, Utale and Chembera. Balaka has
165 primary schools and 18 government secondary schools and 15 private owned secondary schools. Amongst these zones Mmanga, Nkhonde and Ulongwe are zone which shares boundary with Liwonde National Park, Mmanga zone has 3 schools located is the boundary of Liwonde National Park on the South-East of Balaka District, Nkhonde zone which has 8 schools and Ulongwe zone has 6 schools both located in the East of the district. These two zones are active zones with wildlife clubs in terms of wildlife and environmental conservation is concerned.

These 3 zones are located along the boundary of Liwonde National Park. These zones are
interested in wildlife and environmental conservation because of the Parrots Project which was conducted in the area where the Parks Extension workers were being used to train the Patrons and Matrons of the schools surrounding the park. The park extension officers go into the communities where these schools are based to facilitate environmental education sessions.

This made WESM activate the wildlife and environmental conservation clubs through a bird series:
parrots project to facilitate the community’s role in protecting each and every biodiversity. WESM also produced a Birds of Malawi Educational Booklet which is used and shared to schools during Environmental Education visits.

Phone: +265 888 36 31 93
Email: mwapweseradunlc@gmail.c

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